What Will Happen to Andy?

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Ana Maria Miyares has been by Andys side his entire life. Her 25-year-old son has Down syndrome and, though dependent on Ana Maria and her husband, Carlos, hes achieved a great deal. Andy has set world-class swimming records in the Special Olympics and now holds a job in the organization”s Florida office. He also has had a steady girlfriend for eight years. But now that Ana Maria is 70, she worries about Andys next stage of life – what he will do after she and her husband are gone. 

Ana Maria isnt alone. An estimated 717,000 disabled adults live with caregivers who are over the age of 60. Although her experience with Andy has been a valuable road map for other families in her community who have Down syndrome children, Ana struggles with how to plan for her sons future. Her greatest hope is that, with help from his siblings, Andy lives an independent – and successful – life.