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WARNING – Graphic hospital footage in this video. If you would like to avoid it just skip from 5:25-7:55

To the parents out there who just received the news that your baby will be born with Down Syndrome. Cry. It”s ok to cry. But I want to assure you that the darkness that you feel right now is nothing compared to the joy that comes. You will have moments when you ask yourself “”Why?””. You will think about the future for your child, for yourself, and you”ll fear the unknown. It”s ok to have those moments. We understand and we were there too. When you look at your baby with tear filled eyes just know that God doesn”t make mistakes. He chose you because He knew that you and this special little one would need each other.

On 6/8/2016 our family was given the most incredible gift that we didn”t even know we needed. As we reflect on this past year we can”t help but feel the deepest, indescribable gratitude to our Lord for how He”s kept Eva”s health and given us strength day by day. Eva had open heart surgery when she was 5 months old to correct her VSD, ASD, & PDA.. She is a beautiful, happy little girl and we can”t even put into words how much her big brothers adore her.

Children with Down Syndrome are a bright light in a world that so desperately needs it. Eva is that light in our world! Happy 1st Birthday to our little miracle!

Psalm 127:3

This channel is about our daily life raising our 2 boys and our daughter who has Down Syndrome.
When we first found out about Eva”s diagnosis we couldn”t find many YouTube channels from families in the same situation, which is why we decided to start this channel.

We are just a simple, average family sharing the joys (and sometimes the challenges) that raising a child with Down Syndrome have brought to our life!