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It”s hard to believe that it”s finally happening. Our baby girl has started PRESCHOOL! We still can”t believe it. We are excited for the fun she will have and the memories she will make…but that doesn”t mean we (mainly Mama) aren”t emotional about it! It”s so important to us to be able to document these milestones and see how much she has accomplished in just a few short years. We”re so proud of you Eva! We love you so much!

This channel is about our daily life raising our 2 boys and our daughter who has Down Syndrome.
When we first found out about Eva”s diagnosis we couldn”t find many YouTube channels from families in the same situation, which is why we decided to start this channel.

We are just a simple, average family sharing the joys (and sometimes the challenges) that raising a child with Down Syndrome have brought to our life!