Feeling Down, Looking Up: Mental Health...

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5789 visualizaciones Fecha de estreno: 9 nov 2021 Mental Wellness for Individuals with Down Syndrome and Their Families
People with Down syndrome and their caregivers have a heightened risk of mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression, elevated stress levels, and more. Feeling Down, Looking Up: Mental Health and Down Syndrome examines these issues through the eyes of four families (including two self-advocates), who generously share their personal mental health journeys. The film is hosted by DSRF’s Dr. Susan Fawcett, who lends her unique expertise as a mental health professional specializing in Down syndrome.

Feeling Down, Looking Up also features motion graphics created by Joe Woloshyn, who just happens to have Down syndrome (and a dad who’s a major motion picture special effects professional).

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.