Down Syndrome Awareness

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March 21 is Down Syndrome Awareness Day – 3/21 – (October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month) – when we take a closer look at some of the details about Down Syndrome (Down instead of Down’s). If you aren’t familiar with what Down Syndrome is or how it is identified, you can read more about it with the National Down Syndrome Society or some of our local resources for kids with special needs.

Kids with Down Syndrome have a range of necessary care or treatment. Some may need more extensive medical care or treatment, while others may go on leading typical and healthy lives. About 6,000 babies with Down Syndrome are born in the US each year (NSDSS), with increased life expectancy as modern science progresses.

As kids with Down Syndrome grow up and become more and more integrated in everyday activities and occupations, it is inevitable that awareness does not increase. However, it is important to address some of the questions that people may have and help everyone understand that those with Down Syndrome can lead fulfilling lives with maximum independence.