How Successful are Mosaic Embryos? with...

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Meaghan Doyle is a genetic counsellor at Markham Fertility Centre in Ontario, Canada, specializing in infertility, preimplantation genetic testing, and preconception genetic counselling. After seeing patients who came from other clinics where access to a genetic counsellor was not available, she saw the negative impact this had on their care. She has since joined Instagram to help provide education on fertility genetics to help bridge this gap. Meaghan is passionate about genetics, and works together with patients so they can feel empowered to make decisions about their fertility treatment that are best for them.

I’m delighted to have her join me on the show today to discuss mosaic embryos, genetics, and your fertility. We are going to discuss the success rates of transferring mosaic embryos, understanding the different rankings of mosaic embryos, and the misconceptions about mosaics.

Thank you for being on the show, Meaghan!