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Here is a little excerpt from our new module “Medication Administration.”

Great medication administration is much more than helping someone to physically take their medication. This module, explains how you safely verify, store, document, track, observe and monitor medication. But more than that, this module emphasizes a holistic approach that considers how you communicate with various healthcare providers, educate people so they better understand their medications, and foster the well-being and independence of people you assist.

Upon completion of this module you will be able to:

Safely verify, store, document, track, observe and monitor the administration of medication.
Explain the different forms of medication and how they can be administered.
Understand and follow the “Six Rights” for safe medication administration.
Apply a systematic approach to medication administration that is efficient and reduces the risk of errors.
Advocate for and with people at appointments and facilitate successful communication with other professionals.
Understand and apply strategies to address the reasons behind a person’s refusal to take medication.
Describe the importance of continuous review of medications and how they are administered.