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Zebedee Management collaborates with the #RadicalBeautyProject on their first ever group shoot for #WDSD. All the models featured have #DownSyndrome, and look every inch the #Supermodels they are.

When it comes to Down syndrome, most people are so prejudiced (for many reasons, and we aim at challenging these reasons in the process) that they can’t see the forest for the trees and keep these very capable individuals back, in the shadows preferably.

Actually, they are pretty sure there’s no forest, they strongly believe there’s just one tree called Down syndrome, end of. We are desperate to change that and reveal to everyone the huge forest beyond the trees, the endless abilities people with Down syndrome have when given the chance!

That is why we are beyond thrilled and excited to announce our unique collaboration with the pioneering and daring Radical Beauty Project. Its creator, choreographer Daniel Vais, believes like we do, in the incredible beauty, uniqueness, and abilities of people with Down syndrome, and he worries about their doom. He is working on a high-end, avant-garde and fashion photography book featuring only models with Down syndrome from all over the world, shot by the best photographers in the industry.

Zebedee Management is a unique talent agency who represent models of ALL ages and ALL abilities. In spite of our models’ challenges, our talent is regular people like you and me, but they are a shining example of inspiration. With Zebedee’s help, they are determined to bring the fashion world up-to-date and be represented as equals, and rightly so. That’s why we are absolutely delighted that our diverse models have been asked to take part in so many wonderful campaigns worldwide.

At Zebedee Management, we share the same vision and strive for designers and luxury brands to include diverse models, from the designing process all the way to representation in the media and on the runway. We have some major brands booking our models repeatedly and are now seen as one if not the leading agency in representing talent with disabilities, differences and additional needs.

The pictures of our collaboration with Radical Beauty Project will be released to raise awareness and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st (March 21st because people with DS have 3 copies of chromosome 21 instead of 2), and… we can’t wait!

You may have seen the recent River Island campaigns, gracing the cover of Grazia magazine, the Mercedes Benz TVC, and the Benefit cosmetics who used our model who has Down Syndrome. All are using our models to push the boundaries in casting diversely.