Pranay Burde interviewed by Parag Burde

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Pranay has been employed with The Leela for over THIRTEEN YEARS and has proved to be an efficient and quality conscious employee. This itself is like breaking a tough barriers. He does his job meticulously and with great care with no error till date. He proved himself on the job by taking lead in managing various departments of The Leela independently. It was reported by the head of the department that the efficiency of the department has improved considerably since Pranay joined The Leela as his colleague learnt from him not to waste time in unproductive activities. Pranay has shown great skill and great sincerity in his job and proved himself to be a ROLE MODEL for his colleague. Pranay is a dream employee responsible, reliable and respectful to his colleague and senior officers of The Leela. Pranay has created a special place in the hearts of his colleague and senior officers.