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“Dance with me” is a collaborative piece by Angela Bettoni, Banjo Rancho and Julienne Schembri. The video shows Angela, a young self-advocate with Down Syndrome, dancing to a monologue she wrote, accompanied by Banjo Rancho on a hand drum, with movement direction by Julienne Schembri. World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is a global awareness day that has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The message of the video is that disabilities do not limit who we are as people. We are born to stand out, and all we need is for people to see us for who we truly are. “When I see the words ‘Down’s Syndrome’ I see a label. Yes, I was born with it but it’s not my weakness, it’s my strength. It’s what makes me unique….All I really want is for you to take my hand and see the person who I am, to see my heart. To see the person who can smile, laugh, and love….” For WDSD 2022, help spread the word. You can also contribute to a fundraising event organized by your local/national Down’s Syndrome Association. Angela Bettoni Down Syndrome Advocate. @Angie_DownSyn #WDSD22, #WorldDownSyndromeDay, #InclusionMeans_x000D_
Key words: acceptance, awareness, inclusion, music, dance, writing, song, art, culture, dance, diversity, friendship, integration