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Welcome to DanceSyndrome”s online inclusive dance workshops!

We have adapted our sessions so that people can take part safely from the comfort of their own home (even your armchair) and they are suitable for EVERYONE! People with a range of abilities and disabilities can take part in any way that suits them, including children who are homeschooling and elderly people who are social distancing. It”s a great way to keep active, boost your mental health and take your mind off the outside world!

These sessions are disability led, driven by our Dance Leaders with learning disabilities who will be delivering these sessions remotely from their own homes in collaboration with our professional Dance Artists to offer high quality online dance sessions.

We will be offering many more sessions.
Please visit: https://dancesyndrome.co.uk/online-da… for a full list of sessions and #CarryOnDancing! If you would like to share a video of your dancing, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In and use #ShowUsYourMoves! We would love to see you enjoying our sessions!