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SOCK GUYS provides a peek inside a truly unique business owned and operated by a young man with Down Syndrome and his father. This incredible Long Island-based duo have cultivated an integrated workplace at John’s Crazy Socks, where people with Intellectual Disabilities work alongside their neurotypical colleagues. In addition to selling some wild and crazy socks, this exceptional business helps spread messages of inclusivity and empowerment through opportunity.

At nearly 20% of the population, people with disabilities are one of the nation’s largest minority groups. Yet the most recent U.S. disability employment statistics show that only 2 out of 10 people with a disability are employed.

When Mark Cronin’s son, John, was born with Down Syndrome in the mid-90’s, there were few resources for families of people with Intellectual Disabilities when it came to navigating the workforce. Upon graduating from high school, John told his dad he wanted to go into business with him, and Mark saw an opportunity to create meaningful work not only for John but many others in the disability community.

With a company mission of “Spreading Happiness” and a dedication to showing what’s possible, John’s Crazy Socks has provided employment opportunities for individuals who may have been overlooked elsewhere. The success of this company is living proof of what can be achieved through employment inclusivity.