What changed for us in 2020?...

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The DSi National Representatives with Down Syndrome ran a webinar as part of the World Down Syndrome Day celebrations. The webinars were designed and delivered by self-advocates with Down syndrome. Group members spent time contacting and interviewing self-advocates in their countries. They found out about what changed for people with Down syndrome in 2020 and what they did to stay connected and well. Here they share the stories of over 100 people with Down syndrome from 14 countries.

Please watch and learn from our National Representatives.

Session 1 – Monday, March 15, 2021 8:00 AM UTC

Hosted by:
Andrew Oswin – New Zealand
Morgan Maze – Indonesia
Ashish Joshi – Nepal
Dulguun Byambadorj – Mongolia
Chaica Al Qassimi – United Arab Emirates
Charlotte Muthoni Hirst – Kenya