Angela Bettoni Down Syndrome Awareness Month...

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For Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month, October 2020, interview of Angela Bettoni “To assume or not to assume” streamed on Facebook by the National Youth Agency of Malta (Agenzija Zghazagh). Angela speaks about her writing, acting, and her “No Assumptions, please” blog for Opening Doors, Malta,…. How this video came about: an Agenzija Zghazagh youth worker read Angela’s first blog post and invited her to speak on the ChooseDays programme, which was viewed by 3K viewers. Angela talks about herself and her achievements, ending with a powerful message on why we should not assume what someone can or cannot do just by looking at them. Please let Angela know if you like her video and feel inspired by it! Website: Facebook advocacy page:… “What I really want to achieve is to break down any kind of boundaries between us and show that we are all equally normal.” Angela Bettoni Down Syndrome Advocate.
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