Being Chau Kuok: Living with Down...

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“Mummy, I love you,” said 34-year-old Guan Chau Kuok as he looked skyward when asked about memories of his mother, who died in 2012 of breast cancer. READ MORE:

“Before she passed, I said, ‘Mother, please don’t go. If you go, I will be sad,’” he said.

His father Henry Guan said the pair have become even closer since his wife’s death and his two younger children left home after getting married.

“Chau Kuok has been my good company since my wife passed on. When he comes back from work, he gives me a lot of joy, he will crack jokes. He is a very lovable and caring boy,” he said.

The younger Mr Guan has Down Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that impacts a person’s physical features, intellect and physical development and occurs in about one in 700 births here. He has also been diagnosed with mild intellectual disability.