Gucci star Ellie Goldstein on inspiring...

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Ellie Goldstein embodies what it means to be inspirational.

The 19-year-old British model, who has Down’s syndrome, is taking the fashion world by storm, showing just what self-belief can achieve.

While she only started modelling three years ago, she has already been named the face of Gucci’s Unconventional Beauty campaign, and that’s only one of a host of brands she’s modelled for.

With an infectious laugh, she admits: “I’ve done so many campaigns now, it’s hard for me to remember them all. I want to do stuff for Hollister – that would be nice.”

She has already featured in Vogue, as well as in campaigns for Superdrug, Nike, Laura Mercier, Primark, Vodafone and the London Film Festival, plus an advert for Adidas due out soon. She can even count Nicole Scherzinger as a fan, after the Pussycat Doll shared one of Ellie’s modelling shots with her 5 million Insta followers.

It’s incredible when you consider that a doctor told her mother Yvonne on the day Ellie was born that she would never walk, talk or lead an independent life. So it’s not surprising that on our shoot, the 57-year-old support worker from Ilford, Essex, beams with pride as she watches her daughter pose for the camera, then check the results with meticulous detail, offering her opinions on her favourites.

Her can-do attitude, as well as her determination to break down barriers for others with Down’s syndrome and pave the way for more diversity in the fashion industry, encapsulate what it means to be one of Fabulous’ Women of the Year.