The DSA”s BBC Lifeline Appeal video

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Kate Powell presents a short film, originally made as an appeal on behalf of the Down”s Syndrome Association, a charity providing specialised support and information for people with Down”s syndrome, their families and care workers. Kate is one of around 40,000 people with Down”s syndrome in the UK. She writes her own blog and edits the DSA”s magazine, which has readers across the world.

The film features Roger who is nearly 60 and lives in his own flat after years in residential care, and 36-year-old Lucy who lives with friends in a shared house, supported by care workers. Her mum talks about taking Lucy as a baby in a carry cot to the DSA, and how central the charity has been in their lives, backing them up in getting Lucy a mainstream education, and helping her to live the life she wants.

The DSA helps people at every stage of life, from choosing a primary school to finding work and living independently.